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The STiNKY STOPPER  Face Mask is engineered to boost your immunity while you work on jobs that have offensive odors and can affect your health. The purpose of the mask is to psychologically change your approach to doing whatever it is that you need to do so, therefore, removing delay and motivating you to want to do it. In return, the motivation provides a prompt response and allows everything to get full attention to detail providing the best care ever to patients or whatever it is your tasked to do.  

We know in the medical field, and in some professions, smells are a clue to reveal what the issue may be. So we recommend utilizing your senses to make the proper assessment and then using the stinkystopper to assist you in providing the appropriate attention to detail. The STiNKY STOPPER FACE MASKS are pleasant smelling masks that tantalize your sense of smell and develops an atmosphere where you smell what you want to instead of what is outside of the mask.
This fragrance which we call “flavor” creates a trigger, which has a pleasant effect on your body and mind; therefore removing any unwillingness to complete your task.

The Stinky Stopper odor blocking scented face mask has many uses. Almost everything you can think of using the odor blocking face mask for is appropriate. The Stinky Stopper face mask can protect you from S.A.R.S., Swine Flu, Regular Flu, Bird Flu, bacteria, dust, odors, irritating  chemicals, while getting your hair and nails done, fresh cut grass, pollen, (Allergies) changing diapers, taking out trash, cleaning abandoned homes, while performing police investigations, providing health care. You name it!

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Published on Jan 19, 2007

Published on Sep 11, 2009

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