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The True and Original Story of the Birth of

The Stinky Stopper FaceMask and Spray Mist

 EST. 2006

Stinky Stopper although an unnamed idea became an absolute necessity in the year 2000 for a united states army trained nurse name is Sean Whitaker. He was just getting out of the US Army full time from training and returned back where he finished high school. Norfolk, Virginia. At this time He was transitioning back into the civilian life while, maintaining an enlisted status in the army reserve, He planned on entering the medical field full time and starting another chapter in his life's journey. he challenged the Virginia state board of nursing and while waiting on the test results he applied, got offered, and accepted a position to work as a LPNA (Licensed Practical Nurse Assistant), UNTIL HE received his license for LPN. Prior to his experience IN THE civilian nurse, he only had military field hospital training and it did not require cleaning elders who lost control of their bowels due to several disease processes. So let us just say, "He wasn't ready" for what was to come.

sean had an awful time starting out because of the smells. His experience with one elder cancer patient suffering from steatorrhea a fancy work so foul loose stools.🚨 Caused him to began researching a solution to remedy the smell problem. It smelled so awful that he struggled with cleaning the patient for the first time and when it happened again he thought about quitting nursing altogether immediately. 🚦While walking home on Princess Anne road, he began to think of all the time he spent in the army studying to be a nurse how he barely missed being sent to war and questioned how he would make a living if he quit. This was devastating to him. He began to think of how to solve this problem. He asked other more experienced nurses what they did to block the smell and they told him to man up if he planned to remain a nurse and he would get used to it. He thought to himself “NO, no  I won't GET used TO IT”. He questioned how did he get himself in this awful situation and how did he not see this coming early on.

When he joined the military, he decided to study nursing because it was a way to help people. He grew up between his mother and father, mainly with his mother in and out of poor neighborhoods and he saw the effects during the 80's and 90's that drugs had on his community. he also noticed some of his friends had chosen to use and sell illegal substances and he decided that was not his path. when he saw so many of his high school comrades dying over bad deals owing cash and getting heavy jail sentences from trying to get a quick buck for whatever reason, He thought to himself this way of thinking is what is was destroying this community. He realized quickly that he needed money and for school so he chose the military. they offered him some options in the medical field Such AS Nursing. he never thought about being a nurse but AS he thought deeper He believed nursing was a noble profession. he could help his community and it would provide him the income to sustain himself while a civilian finishing college.

now back to the stinky stopper development. "The Smells'. coincidentally His grandmother was an experienced nurse and she  suggested that he chew peppermint gum and breath through his mouth while changing the patients but that created further disgust due to reality of the air and it’s contaminants getting in his mouth. He then thought why not chew gum and wear a mask but that did not solve the issue with the smell. He had a bottle of cheep cologne he would spray on the mask and it partially worked so he began using it, but he was not totally satisfied. Although this partial solution did not completely work it began his process of thinking of a complete solution. He noticed that his resistance to help his patients at this smelly location decreased each time he used the masks. By using the partially cologned mask he was able to continue working as a nurse.

Welcome to the Original STiNKY STOPPER