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The True and Original Story of the Birth of

The Stinky Stopper FaceMask and Spray Mist

 EST. 2006

Stinky Stopper History Revised

In November 1993, Sean T Whitaker Sr created the 1st version of the Stinky Stopper face mask. The birth of Mr. Whitaker’s innovative invention spawned from his early years as a licensed nurse. After two years of training and serving in the U.S. Army Reserve, Sean returned to his home in Norfolk Va. to start life as an LPN. Mr. Whitaker’s previous work was within the military field hospital; helping to treat and assist injured soldiers. Upon his entrance into the civilian nursing profession, he soon realized that he had a sensitivity to smells common within hospital environments. While Sean had a strong passion for serving others, his sensitivity to cleaning agents and bodily fluids presented a continuous challenge for him.

One day, after contemplating a transition to another profession, Sean decided that he wasn’t going to let his struggles hinder the work he dearly loved. Instead, he vowed to find a solution. And, after much consideration, Sean decided to try spraying his medical face mask with cologne. To his surprise, it worked...but partially. Though imperfect, the temporary solution gave Mr. Whitaker the strength he needed to remain a nurse. And while continuing to care for patients, he diligently sought a permanent solution.

Sean began testing various combinations of essential ingredients, and after many late nights of research and rigorous testing, Sean finally created a formula including vitamins which completely blocked unpleasant smells as well as symptoms associated with the frequent ingestion of malodors.

The invention worked so well that he decided to share the Stinky Stoppers with his co-workers. His colleagues were in awe and began promoting the product. Sean Whitaker’s life-changing creation spread beyond the medical community. Daycare providers, trash companies, cosmetologists, police officers, cleaning companies, everyday people and more have all benefited from the Stinky Stopper mask and spray mists.

There have been many Stinky Stopper copycats. But, Sean Whitaker's creation is the original Stinky Stopper. Check out this video about the Stinky Stopper from 2006.




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